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the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught 


not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed 

In parenting Lucas, my beautiful boy with special needs, I have learned some remarkable lessons. Many of them I have learned the heartbreaking way. In coordinating some fifteen specialists, constantly advocating for his best interests, navigating his educational opportunities, and repeatedly struggling to get the answers and resources that I need to best care for him, I have experienced a unique world that only a small percentage of people will ever know. It can be challenging, lonely, gut-wrenching, and overwhelming. Most importantly, however, it is also a beautiful, joyous, soulful, phenomenal journey. Enter The S.O.U.L. Foundation LLC: a nonprofit community resource center and support system for all aspects of the lives of special families. S.O.U.L. is an acronym for Sanctuary Of Unconventional Learning. Our foundation's mission is to challenge and change the conventional limitations of education, information, accessibility, and opportunities for families with special needs. We aim to serve both the wonderful and the difficult parts of this indescribable world, as we strive to unite our community through shared experiences and empowerment.

As a globally accessible extension of the The S.O.U.L. Foundation, the mission of is to serve as an online hub for all things S.O.U.L. Whether it be our non-profit private school, family resource center, spiritual offerings, therapy animals, or our specialty needs shop, every single endeavor fuels our mission to improve the quality of each of our lives. As our foundation continues to blossom, we will expand our community support through after-school care, camps, conferences, and parent retreats. The possibilities of what we can accomplish when we work together are infinite. Through this online community, we hope to provide each family with access to resources that will fill our worlds with more joy and less strife. Together we can share our unconventional worlds, while we honor and celebrate them. Please join me on this game-changing journey, as we come together in this mission to strengthen ourselves, our children, our relationships, and our community.

A Mom On A Mission

OUR Mission

He's got the S.O.U.L. world in His hands...

Kathryn King-Greene
Director of Public Relations

Heather Hogan
Director of Human Resources

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Meredith Greene
Executive Director

Debra Carnaroli
Director of Education


a place of refuge or safety