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  • ​​Learn more about On The Spot Pet Rescue, our own local non-profit animal rescue organization. Founded in 2007 in North Carolina, it has since expanded into foster home locations across the southeastern U.S. As The S.O.U.L. School progresses forward, we will be collaborating with On The Spot to train rescue dogs and horses for our therapy programs, and as service animals for our students.
  • Discover the phenomenal nationwide animal rescue based in Utah, Best Friends Animal Society. As a "place of healing for homeless pets," their sanctuary has even helped rescues become therapy animals.
  • Meet the amazing team at Building Bridges Therapy, the local therapy services organization that has treated Lucas and his little buddies for years now. They are very dear to our heart, and their team has a sincere passion for what they do. They're a one-stop shop of all things therapeutic, and their website includes books and activities personally recommended by their experienced therapists.
  • Have you checked out the all-encompassing website for Parent to Parent of Georgia yet? Their goal is to empower and unite communities of families with special needs. Their outreach consists of various support services, including events, support groups, and a special needs database.

Meredith Greene

Founder, Executive Director of The S.O.U.L. Foundation, and a mom on a mission.

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Calling All Artistic, Creative S.O.U.L.s!

Please join us in this meaningful journey of uniting our voices together to bring about unparalleled changes to the limits of today's informational, supportive, and educational opportunities for families of children with special needs. While our physical presence is just north of Atlanta in Forsyth County, GA, our intended mission is to connect and provide support globally.

Locally, nationally, and internationally, The S.O.U.L. Foundation is a vocal advocate for families and children with special needs. With a deep passion for our cause, an amazing team of visionaries, and a comprehensive business plan to bring our dreams to life, there is nothing that will stop our mission of change.

Currently, we are in the beginning stages of executing our vision. We have begun fund-raising for The S.O.U.L. School and its connected resource center, which remain our purpose-built flagships. Our local North Atlanta facility is geared toward serving the surrounding communities of Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Cherokee counties. Our online services and resources will know no bounds.

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Of Children

He's got the S.O.U.L. world in His hands...

  • ​​​Find a myriad of resources to help the disABLED navigate various financial and medical challenges, as well as needed governmental benefit information at the Disability Help Site.
  • Explore the latest developmental disability news and current events at the Disability Scoop. With valuable and timely information ranging from education to politics to lifestyle, they'll keep you well informed.
  • Visit the "My Child" page at CerebralPalsy.org, the "ultimate resource for everything cerebral palsy." It's a tremendous guide to the CP journey, providing support through inspiration and education, as well as a forum to connect with other families.
  • Build relationships, gain knowledge, and hopefully have some fun, with the help of the Atlanta-based FOCUS organization. Founded by a pair of local moms, FOCUS offers respite, family events, summer camps, and even an adapted swim team. They have several Atlanta-area locations, one of which is likely in your neck of the woods. 


The S.O.U.L. Foundation is on the hunt for an original design logo to be featured on our first-edition The S.O.U.L. School t-shirts! Are you creative and artistic? Your design will help to promote our foundation and motivate our sponsors. You have the power to positively impact the lives of numerous families with special needs, as well as showcase your amazing talent. The featured artist will receive the grand prize, a free t-shirt, artist credit, and of course bragging rights! Check out the link below for more inspiration.

Our Mission

Got S.O.U.L.?

Join us in our dream: building the Sanctuary Of Unconventional Learning.

Welcome to The S.O.U.L. World website, home to all there is to know about The S.O.U.L. Foundation LLC. The S.O.U.L. (a.k.a. Sanctuary Of Unconventional Learning) Foundation, was established in 2015 as an opportunity for our local community of families with special needs to connect and collaborate with one another. The foundation's endeavors include The S.O.U.L. School--an experiential learning environment designed for children with special or unconventional needs. We are also building The S.O.U.L. Center, a hub of resources and information that will help guide families in need of support. Guidance will be available in person at the center, as well as online via TheSOULWorld.com.


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Delilah the Dog

As a smart and loving rescue dog, "Lilah" has helped to inspire the rescue adoption program for our therapy animals.


Lucas Greene

Our S.O.U.L. ambassador, the joyful and brave boy who started it all.